WCO Creative Maker applications due by September 18 for 2023 Fall Jury Review

Do you make food, crafts or art by hand in the Pennsylvania Wilds and want to distribute them through PA Wilds platforms? Are you a graphic designer, website developer, or videographer based in the region who wants to be promoted to other businesses and nonprofits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, make sure to join the Wilds Cooperative of PA by September 18, 2023!

Monday, September 18 is the deadline for artisans and entrepreneurs in the creative industry to register for the Wilds Cooperative of PA Fall Jury Review.  Visual, craft and food artisans, as well professionals working across various creative digital media are encouraged to apply.

The Jury Review is a necessary step for artisans and creative industry professionals to take advantage of the core benefits being a member of the Wilds Cooperative of PA (WCO), a network of more than 500 businesses, organizations and communities from across the rural Pennsylvania Wilds that is focused on building rooted local wealth through opportunities tied to the region’s outdoor recreation industry.

For Professional Level Creative Makers, core WCO membership benefits include: being able to apply to sell products at the PA Wilds Conservation Shops, being listed in the PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide, having public establishments featured on pawilds.com, receiving branded tags for use on your saleable goods, and more.

All WCO members gain access to a growing peer network, branding and marketing tools, education and professional development opportunities, new market opportunities, and mentorship and referrals to Pennsylvania’s financial and technical service programs.

Additional information about joining the WCO can be found here. Apply to join the WCO by 5:00 PM EST on September 18 to automatically be included in the 2023 Fall Jury Review.



Creative Makers currently in the WCO at the Basic Level may choose to be re-juried, in an attempt to receive a higher jury score and access new membership benefits. For example, Professional Level WCO members are eligible to apply to sell products at the PA Wilds Conservation Shop and are listed in the annual PA Wilds Buyer’s Guide. (Note: Professional Level Creative Makers and all Experience Makers are not eligible for jury review.)

If registering to be re-juried, we recommend that you ensure your WCO profile is complete and up-to-date by adding pictures, filling out the “business card” section, and adding any social media links for your business.



The jurying process keeps the brand strong.

Twice a year there is a jury panel convened to review Creative Maker applications, and through this process Professional Level status is determined. All applications that are submitted following a jury session are reviewed at the next jury session. Until that time, those Creative Makers are admitted into the WCO at the Basic Level if they meet minimum eligibility requirements. These new Creative Maker members are also in “Creative Makers in Review” status until they are reviewed during the next jury session; at that point, they may be designated as Professional Level based on their review score.

To evaluate Creative Makers applicants, juries made up of professionals from relevant fields are convened twice yearly to evaluate applications and images and/or publications.  The jurors complete scoring sheets and provide comments designed to be helpful in marketing or promotion, or further improvement.

Once the jury session takes place, Creative Makers in Review are notified of their status in the program and may request additional feedback or information if desired.

Additional information can be found here.



Learn more and apply at www.WildsCoPA.org/join. Additional questions may be directed to WCO Support at [email protected].

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