Pennsylvania Wilds entrepreneurs invited to participate in Small Business UnConference

Pennsylvania Wilds entrepreneurs invited to participate in Small Business UnConference

Ta Enos, PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship founder and CEO, to serve as a keynote speaker

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Small business owners and entrepreneurs of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania (WCO) are invited to participate in the Small Business UnConference being held this fall, the first-ever in Central Pennsylvania.

Hosted by the Covation Center, “Central Pa’s UnConference: Unleashing Your Business Potential” is designed to provide a platform for small business owners to learn more from each other, and an opportunity to hear from local leaders in entrepreneurship.

In addition to the keynote speakers, the event will include breakout sessions that address the unique challenges that small business owners face.

In keeping with the growing popularity of “UnConferences,” topics of breakout sessions will be determined by the participating entrepreneurs. Participant-driven sessions will allow registrants to connect, share and learn from firsthand experiences.This type of forum mirrors the Covation Center’s desire to inspire innovation and collaboration.

Tataboline Enos, founder and CEO of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc., will be one of four keynote speakers during the event. In addition, Stephen Brame, VP, Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association/Allegheny Electric Cooperative (PREA); Cynthia Spencer, Owner, Stitch Your Art Out; and Dr. Stephan Brady, Executive Director of the Covation Center, will also serve as keynote speakers for the event.

“Entrepreneurs and small businesses are vital to our rural economies – they are engines for job growth, but also for quality of life and vibrant communities. I’m thrilled to be a part of an event that brings them together to discuss challenges they face and opportunities for business growth,” said Enos, whose nonprofit manages the Wilds Cooperative of PA, a network of roughly 300 creative entrepreneurs and place-based businesses in the Pennsylvania Wilds. “We hope that the unique style of this UnConference will allow participants to make the most of the experience and come away with new insights into their own businesses.”

The event will take place October 20-21 at The Carriage House, 414 Walnut St., Williamsport.

“As a small business owner, running a business can feel isolating,” states Ms. Stephanie Desaulniers, Director of Operations at the Covation Center, a non-profit organization that seeks to energize Rural Pennsylvania, enabling all citizens to innovate, create, and manufacture, building a lasting economy. “We want to provide an opportunity for small business owners across Central PA to connect and learn from one another. We find that innovation follows collaboration. When you put great minds together, new ideas emerge.”

Interested small business owners and entrepreneurs can register at Contact [email protected] or call 570-435-1993 for more information.


What: Small Business UnCon
Where: The Carriage House, 414 Walnut St., Williamsport, PA 17701
When: October 20-21
Early Bird Registration: $20 (Sunday) $85 (Monday) until Aug 31st.

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