Turkey Calls Through the Wilds

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The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania juried artisan and member Terry Surra currently makes three turkey calls: a traditional box call, a unique through call, and recently has added a scratch box to his collection.

Working with various types of wood and altering the design ever so slightly can change the tone and pitch that each call produces. A few of the varieties of wood Terry uses include butternut, sassafras, walnut, elm, and cherry. When it comes to turkey calls, the die-hard turkey hunter can never have enough: “To a turkey hunter, the turkey call is like a fine musical instrument; each has a unique sound that will help make their hunt successful” he revealed.

Surra in his studio.

Terry Surra in his studio.

As artisans, we are always seeking validation in our craft: “I think the highest validation comes from our peers. My biggest thrill is when someone who has purchased one of my calls sends me a message, a picture, or tells me the story of the successful hunt that they have had and that one of my calls has made that possible” Terry proudly states.

Terry’s background as an Industrial Arts teacher has fueled his love of woodworking, and most of his work is designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. His turkey calls, fishing nets, and other projects are all functional pieces used by folks that love the great outdoors and The Pennsylvania Wilds.

Box calls.

Surra’s calls come in a variety of wood and finishes.

His calls are well received; a former client and Quaker Boy pro staffer tells him that his cherry through call was one of the best sounding calls that he has used.

Price range:
$30 to $35
Available at:
Elk Country Visitor Center, Elk County Council on the Arts, Cameron County Artisan Center, Old Bull Cafe and Elk Mountain Winery.
Artisan website

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