PA Wilds Center Issues RFP for Financial Statement Preparer

PA Wilds Center Issues RFP for Financial Statement Preparer

PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship invites firms to submit a proposal to assist the Organization in the preparation of six month and annual financial statements and related notes and supplementary information. The financial statements must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of a federal single audit.

Pa Wilds Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are a growing nonprofit doing important revitalization work for rural PA. Our Annual Report and Strategic Plan can be found here: See a short video about us here: Life Above Route 80.

PA Wilds Center receives funding from grants, contracts, fees and mission-related social enterprises. We receive local, state and federal government funding. We also receive funds from other nonprofits, local and national foundations, and corporate donations. We have 22 employees located throughout the PA Wilds region with several remote offices. Our annual revenue has ranged between $1 million and $2 million over the past 3 years.

Our Organization will need assistance in the preparation of the following items:

  1. Statement of Financial Position
  2. Statement of Activities
  3. Statement of Functional Expenses
  4. Statement of Cash Flows
  5. Notes to Financial Statements
  6. Schedule of Federal Financial Assistance
  7. Other supplementary information.

Read and download the full RFP here.



7/20/22 UPDATE: Proposals must be received by September 1, 2022. (The deadline was originally announced as Aug. 15.) 

Proposals can be mailed to: PA Wilds Center, 739 Big Moores Runs Rd., Coudersport, PA 16915, or emailed to: Julie Iaquinto, CFO of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, at [email protected].

PA Wilds Center will follow up to schedule interviews for the top candidates.

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