Jillia Ceramics releases line of PA Wilds-inspired ceramic pieces on June 13

Jillia Ceramics releases line of PA Wilds-inspired ceramic pieces on June 13

WILLIAMSPORT, PA – Jillia English is releasing a brand new set of PA Wilds-inspired ceramic pieces on her website at www.JilliaCeramics.com on June 13 at 8 PM. 

This new PA Wilds-inspired collection includes four new products that each reflect the 13-county region that is located in northwestern and northcentral Pennsylvania. The region encompasses almost a quarter of the state of Pennsylvania’s landmass, and it is home to 29 state parks, 8 state forests, the Commonwealth’s only National Forest, 16,000 miles of freshwater streams, abundant wildlife, and unlimited adventures. 

“I was inspired by the popular landscapes within PA Wilds in my new collab collection, especially one of my favorite spots, the PA Grand Canyon. I also incorporated some smaller details of the Wilds that I love into this collection, such as ferns and antlers,” says English.

English has been creating pottery for 15 years and has been enjoying all the beautiful nature that surrounds Williamsport for most of her life. All the ceramic pieces she creates are inspired by experiences in nature and the joy of life. English partnered with the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship in 2022 as a part of the nonprofit’s Licensing program. For every ceramic item sold, a percentage of the proceeds go back to the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship to support the organization’s mission, which is to integrate conservation and economic development in a way that strengthens and inspires communities of the PA Wilds.

Below you will find the designs and the inspiration behind them. Be sure to check out www.JilliaCeramics.com on June 13 at 8 PM to get your PA Wilds inspired art from Jillia Ceramics! 


PA Wilds Antler Handle Mug

The Antler Mug features the PA Wilds logo and a handle that looks like a stylized antler that would come from a white tailed deer or even an elk. 

The PA Wilds region is home to over 50 state game lands as well as the largest wild elk herd on the east coast, making this mug particularly reminiscent of some of the region’s most unique experiences related to wildlife.  


The Mountain Laurel Mug

Mountain Laurel is the state flower for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and for good reason; these beautiful flowers can be found all over this lovely state.  This mug showcases the flower for you to see even when they’re not in bloom.

Mountain Laurel abounds in the Pennsylvania Wilds, and some of the best Mountain Laurel can be found in the Pine Creek Valley and PA Grand Canyon landscape of the Wilds. Wellsboro, one of the communities in Tioga County, holds the annual PA Laurel Festival every summer to celebrate the arrival and beauty of the woodland flower. 


PA Wilds Fern Charcuterie Board & Mug

The Fern Board is perfect for charcuterie and functionally displaying all your favorite party treats. Make sure to pair it with its matching mug to make it a full set!

The PA Wilds has more than 1,600 miles of hiking trails across the 13-county region. Almost every trail offers hikers a chance to be greeted by the cheerful green ferns that flank the trails. Take home a piece that reflects the region’s woods and hiking experiences to use as a charcuterie board or grazing platter! 


PA Wilds Dark Skies

Jillia knows that you can’t make a PA Wilds inspired line without including our brilliant dark skies and bright stars. Cherry Springs State Park was the world’s second certified International Dark-Sky Park, with some of the clearest views of the night sky due to almost zero light pollution. 

This mug will shimmer through its dark colors, much like the stars above the PA Wilds. Whether you are having an early morning or a late night, this mug will remind you to always look up.


The PA Grand Canyon Mug

Located in the Tioga State Forest, the Pine Creek Gorge, typically referred to as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, stretches for over 45 miles with depths of nearly 1,500 feet. The dynamic topography features stunning forested views and steep canyon walls. Must see vistas Colton Point and Leonard Harrison State Parks are a popular destination for both locals and visitors.

The PA Grand Canyon Mug highlights the iconic vista overlooking Pine Creek and the Pine Creek Rail Trail, so that those who take the mug home are able to feel inspired by the scenic overlook at any time and from anywhere.


PA State Mug with the PA Grand Canyon

Last but certainly not least, we have the lovely state of Pennsylvania decorated with the rolling hills of the PA Wilds. Inspired by the steep hills of the PA Grand Canyon and the Pine Creek Gorge, let this mug commemorate all your adventures in the PA Wilds and beyond! 


Jillia Ceramics products can also be found on the PA Wilds Marketplace at ShopThePAWilds.com/JilliaCeramics.



The Pennsylvania Wilds is a 13-county region that includes the counties of Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Forest, Jefferson, Lycoming, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Warren, and northern Centre. The PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to integrate conservation and economic development in a way that inspires the communities of the Pennsylvania Wilds. The PA Wilds Center promotes the region and its 2+ million acres of public lands as a premier outdoor recreation destination as a way to diversify local economies, inspire stewardship, attract investment, retain population and improve quality of life. The PA Wilds Center’s core programs seek to help businesses leverage the PA Wilds brand and connect with new market opportunities, including: the Wilds Cooperative of PA, a network of more than 575 place-based businesses and organizations, and the PA Wilds Conservation Shop, a retail outlet primarily featuring products sourced from the WCO. For more information on the PA Wilds Center, visit www.PAWildsCenter.org. To learn more about the WCO, visit www.WildsCoPA.org. Explore the PA Wilds at www.PAWilds.com. Find regionally made products at www.ShopThePAWilds.com


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